Ignite Your Intuition

3 workshops to empower you to sharpen your body-mind-spirit connection
  • The Power of Pendulum
  • Your Emotional Compass
  • Cosmic Connections
· May 4, 2022

Helping you to achieve a deep connection of mind, body, and spirit with a method that supports your individual growth so that you can experience greater health, prosperity, and peace.

The Ignite Your Intuition Workshops will show you how to have an easy daily practice to go within and increase your ability to connect to different levels of energy and guidance.

  • Improve your physical & emotional wellness
  • Tap into guidance and get answers
  • Gain more confidence in yourself & life
  • Create a sense of peace
  • Improved relationships with others & money
  • Shed doubt & worry
  • Focus on the things that align with your goals
  • Live with greater ease & grace

In this 3 part online training, you will learn in-depth how to safely & effectively increase your intuitive connection with the following workshops:

  1. The Power of the Pendulum- he dos & don’ts of using a pendulum to sharpen your body-mind-spirit connection
  2. Your Emotional Compass- discover the hidden messages in your physical ailments.
  3. Cosmic Connection- dispel myths and master how to work with your Higher Self and guides of the highest love & truth

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons